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When staging a home for sale, there are some things that are essential to you your process and your design; must-haves of the staging world. With anything that is deemed necessary, it's a good idea to make sure you have a ton of them on hand and in reach at all times. We love that decided to put together their list of the top 5 home staging essentials that stagers can find rather inexpensively...FROM WALMART! Better yet, we've even took it a bit further and added a 6th essential just for you!

1. Fluffy White Towels

- Aaah yes, everyone wants to walk into a fresh, clean bathroom and white towels do the trick quite nicely. Spruce up one of the homes largest selling features with some fluffy white towels to brighten up your look, and soften it too!

2. Round Accent Mirrors

- Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the nicest space of all? We do! With the addition of round accent mirrors, they not only bounce the light around your space to make it look bigger, it also adds to the aesthetics of the room. Round mirrors create a comfortable environment and breaks up harsh, straight lines also.

3. Fake Green Plants

- Adding greenery to any scenery makes for a refreshing look, especially a vacant one! They do all that real plants do, minus the oxygen output, but in exchange, they give the space life and tie the entire design together. Best yet, you obviously don't have to water them, or deal with falling leaves, or rotate them for maximum sun exposure, or repot them...shall we go on?

4. Flameless Candles

- That endless flicker of light is all it takes to create a warm ambiance in a home. Decorating with flameless candles is totally safe and functional. If using LED flameless candles, the lights last quite a long time! Even though they don't provide the scent of regular candles, you don't have to worry about blowing these babies out!

5. Small Picture Frames & Artwork

(5enses pick!)

- When it comes to curating a staging/design job, frames and artwork top the list. Use these nifty finds to bring a cohesive design element to life, highlight a large wallspace, or accent that beautiful dining room table. Frames are all the rave!

6. Accent Throw Pillows

- Last and definitely not least, throw pillows. These fluffy, soft, color statements are the ump that's needed to add that "pop" your space deserves. They also add shape and texture to highlight a lonely bench, a large sofa or a dull & boring corner.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading the 5 (plus 1 more) Home Staging Essentials as chosen by Stay tuned for more design blogs and articles that enhance all 5 senses!

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