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Creative lighting is literally EVERYTHING to your space.

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

When it comes to lighting, a few things need to be established to truly maximize your space.

We've created an easy go-to guide for you of things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect decorative luminaires for your home.

Gorgeous Chandelier at Las Vegas Market. Retail price $24,000.

We've truly come a long way when it comes to how we use electricity to power our world around us. It's only been 142 years since we were using candles to light our way and the first home was powered with the vast capabilities of electricity. Since then, we've been able to develop millions of solutions to solve millions of ways to light up our environments. Over the last decade, we've reached heights in lighting that we've could've only dreamed of. There was a time when we thought of track lighting as a thing of the future because it served a dual purpose; it displayed a sense of status, as well as a ting of artistic flair, (for the artwork, of course). Now, we use lighting to enhance the smallest of spaces. Whether it's your favorite reading corner, or used to illuminate a large arena, lighting plays an important role in our everyday existence.

Luminaires, also know as an electrical lighting units, come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the function, lighting as we know it is definitely a necessity. Due to the evolution of the way luminaires are created nowadays, we have the ability to take illumination to an even higher level with energy efficiency, which can not only save us money, but reduce our overall carbon footprint. With so many choices relatively available to us, we have the ability to improve our current situation to enhance our homes, and it can be done fairly inexpensively. If everyone switched their lamps to Energy Star rated fixtures, we would change our bulbs 6 times less often...with those findings alone, I believe it's time for us to make the ultimate switch.

Levels of Lighting

When choosing your lighting options, it's important to know the options available to you to get the most out of your space and create a comfortable environment.

  • Decorative Lighting - Adds the "sparkle" to the room. Think of chandeliers and sconces.

  • Accent Lighting - Directed illumination that highlights objects within an environment. Track lighting and adjustable recessed fixtures.

  • Task Lighting - Used for performing work-related activities. That super bright light above your desk? Task light.

  • Ambient Lighting - The glow around the room used to soften the room. Like pendants and torcheres.

All of these levels of lighting are important, and when layered properly, it can create a the perfect effect. Today, we'll be focusing most on creative decorative lighting.

Usually when we are choosing signature pieces to highlight the best features of our homes, we don't focus much on the artistic elements of the perfect luminaire. But what is the perfect luminaire? It's the one that ties the entire room gives off just the right amount of temperature, it creates the softest, most effective glow, and it enhances the furniture and accessories around it. Did I mention it's also energy efficient? Most importantly, it's drop-dead gorgeous! This piece is the one that creates conversation, the one that your guest gather around, and it's also the one that you'll spend the most time dusting on a Saturday morning cleaning binge.

Choosing creative lighting in our homes is a must, because it highlights our personalities and it creates a feeling pride. It's like a trophy. When you take the time and the money to curate the perfect space for yourself and your household, you've got to add the bling, even if it's just one piece over your bed, or hanging over that amazing dining room table used for Holiday dinner...showcase it! You'll be happy you did. However, you've got to do it right, otherwise you can create a situation where all of your guest are wearing shades just to have a conversation. No bueno. Glare bombing is when the intensity of a light source is so bright, it causes everything else to fall secondary to that one fixture and everything, yes everything, tends to wash out into the distance like a flood lights on a football field. Using the correct layering, the right scale and placement of task, ambiance, and accent lighting, you can create the ultimate level of comfortability.

Even when staging a home to sell, it's essential that you use lighting to enhance all of the special features of the home. Highlight that beautiful backsplash and granite ensemble. Showcase that gorgeous soaking tub that will wash away your stress of the day. Enhance the mood of the owner's suite with a sparkling touch that exhibits the very idea of why you work so hard in the first place; to come home and relax in an awesome space! Remind yourself everyday why it was important to surround yourself with the beauty that is your home. Great lighting can create the ideal environment that is conducive to your everyday comfort, especially when it is perfectly paired with style and grace.

Are you ready to see what we can do to lighten and liven up your home? Send us a message...we'd love to help light up your life!

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