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Where do you begin?


Let's face the reality. Embarking on a design project is often far more challenging than what we see on TV. Frequently, one has to go through the arduous and costly process of trial and error, which is far from ideal for both your budget and your time.

Consider this: How much is an ambiguous design plan costing you? Are you uncertain about how to seamlessly integrate all the elements from concept to completion in order to achieve the aesthetic that truly reflects your personal style? Are you tired of wasting valuable time scouring the internet for ideas that align with your vision?

You don't have to do this alone,
5enses Design is here to help!


Eager to get started immediately? We're here to give you the green light! Before anything else, we'd love to familiarize ourselves with you and your project. Just complete our design consultation form to initiate the conversation. We'll handle all the nitty-gritty aspects, from finding the right products to organizing delivery schedules. If needed, we can even assemble everything for you upon arrival. Sit back and relax as we take care of all the hard work on your behalf.


From the very beginning, our primary objective is to provide you with complete clarity. We make sure you're fully informed throughout every step of our process. Our team is committed to bringing your desired aesthetic to fruition, and in doing so, we prioritize delivering exceptional service and high-quality results to our clients. Through detailed color renderings and thoughtfully scaled 2D & 3D drawings, you'll witness your vision materialize vividly before any demolition work takes place.


We value your project as much as you do, recognizing the significance of prioritizing your home. Your service plan is tailored precisely to align with your primary objective. Whether you aim to optimize your space for accommodating aging parents or to convert certain areas into a profitable separate apartment, we will devise a customized plan that enables you to achieve your goal efficiently and cost-effectively. As your local specialists, we possess the expertise to make it happen.

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