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Announcing 5enses Design and Home Staging!

Selling your home, or looking to bring your current home to new design heights?

Take a look at what 5enses has to offer you!

Twin Cities, are you ready?

In September 2019, 5enses Design and Home Staging made its public debut as a new design firm based in Minneapolis, MN. They offer full home staging for vacant and occupied homes, as well remodeling and interior design. They also provide host of other "a la carte" services such as, odor neutralization, home cleaning, and photography to name a few. Owner Jernell Rochelle, along with her staff of professional experts provide these services as a package deal or as standalone products based on the needs of their clients.

5enses was created in a way that will evoke all five senses through creativity and vision. When you sign up for a 5enses service, they create a plan personalized just for you based on the client and their budget. The purpose is to create the ultimate feeling of comfort when you walk into that home or business.

Why 5enses?

As a Realtor, Jernell was able to use her knowledge of real estate, in conjunction with her interior design education to create the ultimate one-stop shop for her clients and others who needed a fresh take on design and staging. Not only does 5enses keep abreast of trends in the industry, they also thrive on practicing sustainable practices in order to lessen the carbon footprint of their business. "Sustainability is at our core, and we plan on keeping it that way..." says Jernell. "Once I realized that the interior design industry was responsible for a huge percentage of greenhouse emissions and waste, I wanted to do something about it and make sure my business did everything it could to create less waste." One of the things 5enses is able to utilize in its practice, is natural cleaning products. Jernell says, "Our products are not only natural, they're very effective at neutralizing odors and keeping germs away."

With the fall season approaching and the holiday's near, 5enses is ready to assist you in getting your home ready to list for sale, or to host the ultimate dinner party; whatever you prefer, 5enses can take away the stress and create the absolute plan for you!


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