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Are you a seller or looking to sell your home soon? From the consultation phase, to actually placing your home on the MLS, we can assist throughout the entire process. Below are some of the many services we can provide for your home project.

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Occupied Home Staging


So you're ready to get started, but you don't know where to...start? Having a consultation is the first step to finding out what you need to market your home quickly and most effectively. During our consult, our stager can either walk through your home, or we can set up a video chat to effectively identify a plan to maximize your space and get it ready to list! Our written report will layout everything that needs to be done, along with a detailed timeline. Please allow 1-2 hours for our consultation appointment. 

Vacant Home Staging

When buyers are looking on the MLS for their new home, they are looking to fall in love with that space, even through the photos. An empty shell can be just as detrimental as a home with bad photos. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in that home and focus on what they can do there to enhance their lives. Our stagers use our resources to stage your vacant space from just a few major rooms, or top to bottom depending on your needs and budget. From furniture, to art work & accessories, we work to enhance the best features of your home that cause it to sell quickly and for largest pricing possible. 

Occupied Home Staging

Do you have some great pieces of furniture, artwork or accessories that we can use to stage your home? We can develop a plan to include your awesome pieces! This option can help to save you money and time, plus it allows you as the customer to be hands-on with the process when it's time to stage your home. 

Color Neutralization

 When selling your home, you want it to appeal to the largest audience of buyers by creating a neutral color palette to enhance the staging of your home. Our goal is to create a sense of "home" for the buyers so they will feel comfortable imagining themselves living in their new space. 

Odor Neutralization

Pet or human odors got your home smelling musty and unappealing? Book a consult with one of our professionals to remove and eliminate those pesky odors. We don't just mask the odor, we stop it at its core with our natural cleaning remedies.  


So you're selling your home, but you still need to live does it all work? We can create storage solutions for you and your family that will still keep all of your most important items in reach, but with style. Let's get organized!

Real Estate Photos

After all of the preparations with getting your home ready for the market, it is now time to have the photos taken for the MLS listing. Our professional photographer will highlight your home and make it shine with a full photo shoot of the exterior and interior of your home. Say cheese!

Real Estate Listing

Not only can we stage your home, we can sell it too! Our owner Jernell Rochelle is a real estate professional with JP Willman Realty. She can provide you with everything you need to get your home listed properly and designed to sell quickly. At 5enses, we offer a one-stop shop!

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