5enses is a design and home staging firm serving sellers and dwellers throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. We provide totally customized solutions to meet client needs based on their overall vision and budget. We will strive to create a plan that easily outlines the steps in the process from the planning phase of our project, right until the dust is cleared and the last pillow is placed. It's all about you...


Throughout our research, we realized there was a great need to approach design as a full-circle solution that evoked all "5 senses." Our design approach not only includes beautiful sights, and touchable textures, but we make it our mission to incorporate delightful smells, enchanting sounds and even enticing edibles! 


We also take the process a step further and go under the surface by doing our best to source sustainable products and materials that are safe for the environment, minimize the off-gassing of fumes, and are also energy efficient. Sustainability is at the core of our practices and we pride ourselves on sourcing products and materials from local vendors and distributors who also embrace sustainability. By thinking of design in this way, we will change the perception of what is needed to keep our households safe from the dangerous chemical solutions and products that we're used to...It's out with the old, and in with the new...we aim to change the narrative. 

Meet Our Team


Interior Designer/Realtor

Jernell Rochelle is an interior designer & Realtor in Minneapolis, MN. Ever since she was a child, she had a strong desire transform spaces in creative ways. In 2019, she made that dream come true with 5enses Design. Her overall goal is to help others obtain their ultimate vision by maximizing spaces and floor plans for residential and commercial spaces.  

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Deja Hodges offers professional and affordable real estate, personal portraits, and event photography throughout the Twin Cities metro area. She enjoys capturing the beauty of a new home, the resilience of a graduate, and the excitement of an event. She is a strong believer in capturing the beauty in everything.

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Interior Designer

Marlisha Carter is an interior designer who recently graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2021. She fell in love with interior design because it allows her to solve everyday problems and practice sustainable solutions. She has a strong interest in lighting design and hospitality projects, as well as residential kitchen design.

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Marketing Coordinator

Juriah Hughes is a Junior at Metropolitan State University studying for her bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. She is an awesome creator and makes sure all of our content is super inspiring and eye-catching.

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